Why You Need An Effective 30 Second Elevator Pitch

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Marketing has been around since the very first person in the history of the world sold something.

Luckily, today we can build an enormous business of any kind with online marketing strategies that include having an online presence, building an email list, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

But, you still need to market offline.

You know how when you meet new people they will usually, at some point, ask “So, what do you do?” If you are an entrepreneur, work in sales, run a business, or are in any kind of multi level marketing, you will then enthusiastically go into your schpiel about what you do and who you work for, etc…. Well, really, what you’re doing is a little “self promotion,” and at the end of the day it’s called marketing.

Usually, you only have a few minutes or mere seconds to describe your business, products or services before the person you’re talking to will become bored and start silently thinking, “How can I leave this conversation politely?” Situations like this is where defining your 30 second “elevator pitch” will come in real handy. Only give them enough to digest. Let them come back for more if they’re interested.

The Elevator Pitch

why you need a 30 second elevator pitch

You know that moment you walk into an elevator and it’s just you and that one other person whom you’ve just made eye contact with and there’s that uncomfortable silence for about 30 seconds until the elevator door opens again and either one of you leaves or someone else gets in?

That’s where the “elevator pitch” gets it’s name.

If you’re into networking, then the first thing to do in that moment is to say “Hello.” That will immediately break the ice. After a quick introduction, it will quickly head right into the “So, what do you do?” That’s the moment that you need to have your 30 second elevator pitch defined. And it needs to be captivating.

Let’s take this site for example. If I walk into an elevator into any downtown city building on a bustling weekday and meet someone who then proceeds to ask me this question, here are 2 versions on how this could go down.

Version 1. 

random person“So, what do you do?” (intro)

me- “I have a blog/website with tips on how to make money on the internet?”

(sounds interesting, but a little generic, maybe a little “scam-ish” since there are a ton of them online and they’re used to getting email SPAM alluding to the same thing)

random person- “Oh yeah? How’s that working for you?”

(They might be interested in what you’re saying, but also half thinking that you’re a loser and at the same time they’re looking at your shoes to see if you make enough money with your own tips to afford a top quality brand. They’re happy that they have a good solid job with a guaranteed paycheck)

me- “It’s good. I can do my own thing all day without having to answer to a boss?”

(they’ve put you on the defensive and now you’re striving to get them to understand that it’s legit and you make a good living at it).

random person- “Well, good luck to you. Wish you the best!”

(You didn’t really pique their interest so they don’t know how to relate to you)

Elevator door opens and as they’re walking out you shout…

me- “Yeah, you too! And you can check my website at www.home….”

(The elevator door shuts. oops. Too late. buh-bye. See ya. Wouldn’t want to be ya=)

Now, the above interaction isn’t bad if you’re not in “networking mode” and don’t really care if people visit your site/business and you don’t care to pick up any clients.

However, if you are looking to grow your business and are constantly networking, here’s another version that would be more effective in the exact same scenario.

Version 2-

random person- “So, what do you do?”

(the door has been unlocked. Get ready to kick it open!)


me- “Well, you ever hear about those people who who make a good living by blogging or running websites that are on auto pilot? And they just seem to have the freedom to do whatever the f*ck they want all day without answering to a boss?”

(You’ve set their frame of mind. Now they can relate and are on the same page because everyone working a 9-5 job has fantasized about being their own boss at one point or another)

random person- “Yeah, I’ve heard of that. But is that real or is that a scam?”

(you’ve whet their appetite. Their ears are perked. They want to hear more)

me- “That’s a fair question. It is very real and I help people do that.”

(addressed their curiosity and responded with your unique selling proposition (USP).

random person- “Really? What do you mean? Can anybody do that?”

(they’re about to step off the elevator, back to their 9-5 job with the boss they hate, and you’ve just massively piqued their curiosity. They’ve often heard or read about this stuff, but never met anyone that is actually doing it. Is it fate that brought you two together in that elevator in that moment of time? (They ask in their head) They’re salivating… They want more…)

me- “I tell you what, go to my website www.homeinternetincome.com. It will explain more and you can contact me from there.”

(Gave them a command statement. You just might be their ticket to freedom and the first thing they’ll do when they get back to their cubicle is check out your site. Easy keywords in domain that they won’t forget)


See the difference?

That whole conversation would take about 30 seconds.

Marketing is the foundation for growing your business and whether you have millions of dollars at your disposal to market on various media outlets or having a quick 30 second conversation in an elevator, you are will be constantly marketing if you want your business to grow. And, effective marketing is what will differentiate you from the competition.

If you are constantly networking to build your business, nailing down an interesting and captivating “30 second elevator pitch” is where you need to start.

Make it captivating and engaging that will pique their interest.

Define it now.

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