Understand the Cashflow Quadrant

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Made popular by best selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki, the “Cashflow Quadrant” changed my mental attitude on how I choose to work.

As Kiyosaki says, basically, there are 4 types of people in the world of business- Employees, Specialists/Small Business Owner (like a doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc…), a Big Business Owner, and an Investor.

Watch the video to see Robert Kiyosaki explains these four groups into detail.

He will also explain the difference between Earned income, Portfolio income, and Passive income.

Watch this video over and over until you fully understand it and know what quadrant you currently are in and where you want to be.

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The only thing I will add to this is that Passive Internet Income is a small version of the “B” quadrant and not the “S” quadrant because although you don’t have 500 employees or more, you’re not trading your hours for dollars like the people defined in the “S” quadrant.

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