Starting a Business Online? Don’t Wear the Three Hats

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The three hats that all or most entrepreneurs wear are the-

  • Visionary hat
  • Managerial hat
  • Technical hat

Starting an online business (or any business) can be rather daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. There are so many things that need to be done before you get to the point where you can sit back and watch the passive income roll in.

These steps tend to slow down your progress tremendously if you are technically challenged. Many website ideas have ended up in the internet graveyard of neglected websites.


illustration by nigel buchanan


This is how it usually goes. You have a great idea for an online business or blog. You try to build up a website that will have all kinds of fancy features like a shopping cart, chat room, forum, social network, blogs, etc… but because you’ve never built a website before and don’t know how to write any programming languages like php, javascript, asp, coldfusion, etc… you get bogged down with confusion and frustration, your energy and motivation levels are running on fumes, and you end up abandoning your idea for a long period of time or straight up abandon it altogether.

I remember being there myself many times. After many years of having websites online, I still have zero programming and web designing skills.

Fortunately, many content management systems (like wordpress, joomla, drupal, etc…) can be installed quickly and having spent countless hours training myself to get familiar with these programs, I know how to do the basics of building up a decent website- with fancy features.

To work efficiently, you must create a smooth workflow by delegating the tasks that you personally can’t do.

You must treat your online project as a business. And as the CEO of your business, you are responsible for being the visionary of your company, thus the Visionary hat goes to you. You are the one that will be leading your company into the internet battlefield with an effective strategy to gain loyal readers and customer’s. You must also create a brand with a unique value proposition and will get your customers to not only keep coming back, but to spread the word.

Depending on how big you envision your internet ventures in the beginning, the Managerial hat can be worn by you or by someone responsible and efficient enough to execute your ideas and directions, as well as all the little details and administration duties of your company.

The technical hat is the guy that can create your online company. He’s the buy that will build your online real estate and give it the fancy features that you envision.

Most people starting or wanting to start an online business aren’t web programmers or web designers and what they’ll usually start off doing is they will buy a book on “How to build website” and think that they’ll be up and running quickly without any prior experience or knowledge in putting up a website. That may be the case, if you’re Rainman, but most likely you’re not.

The technical part is what usually slows the “netpreneur” down dramatically.

Learning how to write programming code for a website is like learning a whole new language, that you’ve never heard of, from scratch.

It’s not necessary for you to learn how to write the programming code for your website as there are so many programs that exists in the market today that will have features that you are looking for. Many of these programs are free and can be installed in your hosting account instantly.

In addition, you can easily outsource the programming rather inexpensively, thereby focusing your energy on the company’s vision.

Outsourcing the technical aspect is the smarter way of working and will be the quickest way to implement your online vision, if you’re technically challenged that is.

This is going to be your fastest way out of the gate and will also give you some experience in delegating tasks to your employees (temporary programmer in this case).

It all depends on your goals, skills, learning abilities, and the time you are willing to put into your project.

The faster you set up your site, the quicker you can get to the marketing aspect of it, that will eventually generate your online passive income.


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