How to Make Money with CPA (Cost Per Action) Offers

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So, I’ve been a member of Max Bounty’s affiliate program for a few months now and I’ve been testing out their CPA offers.

CPA means Cost Per Action. Basically, you will get paid a commission by presenting offers to your website traffic/mailing list and getting those people on your list to take some kind of “action.” This is still making money with affiliate programs per say, except that the user doesn’t have to buy anything for you to get a commission. You get a commission for them taking an “action” like entering their email. More below.

This is why we stress the importance of building an email list for every type of business or service that you offer. I highly recommend that you use Aweber to build your email list.

Typically, the “action” that a user must take is to enter some kind of information about themselves such as an email address or fill out a short form with their contact details. These are usually free sign ups where they won’t need a credit card or need to pay for anything.

Never, will a user have to enter information like their Social security or NIE numbers.


learn how to make money with cpa cost per action offers

A typical commission for each user sign up that you refer is about $1.00-$3.00 “per action/sign up.”

For example, if you are promoting an offer to your mailing list and gives you a $1.50 “per action/sign up,” then you would get paid $15 for 10 users to sign up.

Now, lets imagine that you had an email list of 20,000 people on it. Lets say that each day you sent out a free offer for people on your list to sign up where you would get $1.50 per “action/sign up.”

Everyday you send out a free offer and 10 people signed up each day. That’s $15 in commission you would make each day and after one month you would have made $450 in commission. Multiply that by 12 months and you just made another $5,400 to your income for the year and all you did was take 2 minutes each day and created an email offer and sent it out to your list.

What can you do with an extra $450 a month? For many people, it could pay your rent payment, car payment, or buy food for a whole month.

Now, imagine 20 or 30 or 50 people signed up each day. See where I’m going with this?

CPA offers can be very lucrative and help you to create passive internet income from home.

What I love about CPA offers is that people don’t have to buy anything. Many companies just want to build their email customer database and are willing to compensate you for getting your users to sign up on their list.

A couple of great companies that have many CPA offers that you can promote to your mailing list or on your website are:– I have been experimenting with Max Bounty for the past couple of months and must say that their backend control panel is extremely easy to use. You can search for CPA offers by categories (biz opps, auto related, dating, surveys, free offers, etc…), and simply select an offer, then it automatically generates the code for you to copy and &paste it to your email list. It takes me 2 minutes a day from start to finish to send out a CPA offer to my list. How easy is that?! They also pay through paypal each week if you reach your minimum payment of $100US dollars a week.– This company is great. It handles lot’s other companies affiliate programs, mostly dealing in CPA offers as well. The customer doesn’t have to buy anything, just sign up and you get paid for every sign up that you refer to them!

Sign up and start promoting these free offers on your websites/blogs/ and lists.

Make it happen!


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