How and Where to Outsource Your Work to Create Passive Income

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If you want total freedom to do what you want to do each and every day, you must learn to work smarter and not harder. The key to this mindset is outsourcing your work.

After all, if your goal is to create passive internet income, then doing most of the work is out of the question.

Thanks to the internet, you can outsource anything and everything.

For example, if you want to build a website and populate it with 100 unique articles on any subject of your choice, you can outsource these tasks to people around the world for very reasonable prices.

The way it works is you list a project and you’ll receive numerous amounts of bids from freelancers (in all price ranges) who will want to be hired to do the job for you.

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Outsource your life. Work smarter not harder.

You can request samples of the bidders past projects to check the quality of their work or writing.

Once you’ve selected a bidder, some sites will have you put up the amount or part of the amount (you and the bidder agreed on) into escrow. Only once you’re satisfied with the project and you feel that it’s completed, you can sign off on it and release the funds so the coder /bidder can get paid.

My most recent project was for 85 unique 500 word articles on a specific subject. I paid $1.80 for each article and got the articles sent to me within 2 weeks.

Imagine if I had to write 85 articles of 500 words a piece. How long would that have taken me to do and imagine the intensive research that has to be done to create such content.

By outsourcing this project, I saved a lot of time and energy and received 85 articles of original content that I can populate my website with- for under $200. And Google loves original content!

And just a side note on this, each one of those articles will be populated with advertisements that will generate thousands of dollars each over time. not a bad investment for $1.80 each!

Places where you can go to pretty much outsource any project


  • iWriter.comThis is my favorite place to get great quality articles written for very inexpensive prices and they are fast! I usually get my article written within 24 hrs. And, if I don’t like the articles I don’t have to pay for it. I have options before I accept the articles written for me. I can have them rewritten as much as I want until I am satisfied with it, I can reject the article, or I can have another writer to write the article. is the first place I will go to
  • – Hire freelancers and find freelance jobs online for anything you need online. From building websites, mobile apps, translating, design, illustrations, logos, writing articles, and so much more, you can find them here. Be careful of their fees. Even for small jobs like having short articles written, they have various fees associated with them.


I would recommend signing up at both of these websites and get familiar with their system.

It’s free to sign up, start an account, and post a project on these websites. You will need to fund your account only once you’ve selected someone to do your project.

Remember, you only release the funds once you’re completely satisfied with the project. The coder/bidder will work hard so they can get paid.


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