Choosing a Good Web Hosting Company

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You want to make money online, then let’s get to it. You’ll need a domain name and cheap web hosting.

Free web hosting is not an option because you’ll be very limited. This is business, people, so keep that in mind. Start it off right and invest a tiny bit into your business and get all the tools that you need from the beginning so you can make the kind internet income that you want.

What is hosting?

All right, the easy way to explain this is this-

  • Imagine a house.
  • The house is your “domain/website” (
  • Every house needs a solid piece of land to build upon. That land would represent the hosting company.
  • The land is a small part of what makes up the whole earth. The earth, in this case, represents the internet.

In order to keep your website up running 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, you will need a good hosting company.

If you’re just starting a website or have websites that don’t have massive amounts of files, then all you really need is a good affordable “shared” hosting account at a respectable company.


Having used a good amount hosting companies over the years, I can tell you that when selecting a hosting company, you will need a combination of these things-


  • Easy to use control panel that offers many options and especially “easy to install” free programs that include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, photo galleries, message boards, etc…
  • The ability to host multiple domain names on one hosting account. For example, I have about 15 live websites hosted on one account at Bluehost. I have had this Bluehost account for about 9 or 10 years.
  • You will want great customer service that can help you out immediately by ticket system or by phone support, if necessary.
  • You will want affordable and competitive pricing. Cheapest isn’t always the best, neither is the most expensive.

On this note, an easy to use control panel (like cpanel) is essential if you’re new or don’t have a lot of experience with programming or the technical side of things. A few hours before writing this very article on website hosting, I tried installing Joomla (a CMS system) on Dreamhost.

After clicking “install Joomla” in the control panel, a message popped up saying that “in 10 minutes you will receive an email with instructions on how to finish setup the database and finish the installation process.”

About 10-15 minutes later, we received the email and followed the instructions. Unfortunately, after several tries following their step by step process, we were UNABLE to finish the installation due to some technical errors.

It was a very difficult process and a waste of about 20-30 minutes of time. We abandoned the process on my friends Dreamhost account.

To compare that experience and show how easy the process was on Bluehost, I logged into my account, clicked on Joomla, entered my quick details (like what would I like to use for a website title, user name, and password), then clicked “install.”

Without having to do anything else, in less than 2 minutes, my new Joomla website was up and running and live on the internet. Easy as pie.

The same easy installation process can be done with a multitude of programs that Bluehost offers like WordPress, Drupal, phpwiki, message boards, photo galleries, more content management systems, surveys, etc…

If I sound like I’m a Bluehost evangelist, I guess I am. And going through frustrating experiences at other hosting companies, like the one I just experienced today, makes me appreciate the simplicities at Bluehost even more.

Having said that, I can tell you that from my past and present experiences with hosting companies that include hosting companies such as ICD Soft, Godaddy, Lunarpages, Bluehost, Network Solutions, Apollo hosting, Dreamhost, Hivelocity, Sharkspace, and Knownhost, the best hosting companies that I have found are-


  • is the world leading provider of shared, reseller and dedicated web hosting. They have a great FREE website builder platform to help you get your website up and running quickly. Click here at get cheapest and best hosting at $3.96 a month!
  • for shared hosting. Very affordable. This will be the case for most people. Easy to use control panel and great phone support. I have been with them for years and am currently using them for many websites. As you can see, I have their banners all over this site, that’s how much I recommend them. Click here view more info and to sign up!
  • for virtual private servers. A virtual private server is a little more expensive than a shared server and the main difference is that instead of sharing a server with hundreds, if not thousands, of other people, you usually on share the server with a few people.
  • Virtual Private Server control panels are more complex than shared hosting control panels, so there will be a learning curve. Great ticket support system too these guys. As of this writing, I have been using them for almost 2 years now for many websites. Click the link for more info and to sign up –> KnownHost – The VPS Specialists
  • for dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are more expensive than vps and shared hosting. Same control panel as with my VPS server. Excellent support system as well. I was a past customer for a couple of years. Not currently using them, but will use them again for websites with massive amounts traffic. Their prices are much lower now too! Click here for
  • for dedicated servers as well. Based on my experience with KnownHosts virtual private servers, I will have to also give them the nod for dedicated servers as well. The main difference between having a virtual private server and a dedicated server is that with a dedicated server, only you occupy the server and no one else. Click the link for more info and to sign up –> KnownHost – The VPS Specialists
These are my recommendations based on my experiences of running websites since the late nineties. You  may have different experiences.
What I can tell you it that, aside from the hosting/server specs, it will always come down to great customer service, excellent assistance when issues arise, and great pricing.
The purpose of this article is just to give you a general description of why you need hosting and the differences between the shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. for more detailed information on these terms, please consult the “almighty G.”

For people who have websites with heavy amounts of traffic, a virtual private server (VPS), or dedicated server will better suit you. They will be more expensive so don’t even use them if you don’t have large amounts of traffic going to your website(s).

Update: I have had bluehost for about 10 years now and I still love everything about their hosting and cpanel options. I have many websites on one account. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make with your online business.

Click this banner to get the best unlimited web hosting for only $4.95!

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