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How to Make Money with CPA (Cost Per Action) Offers

So, I’ve been a member of Max Bounty’s affiliate program for a few months now and I’ve been testing out their CPA offers. CPA means Cost Per Action. Basically, you will get paid a commission by presenting offers to your website traffic/mailing list and getting those people on your list to take some kind of… Read More »

The Importance of Building an Email List

I am SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED at how many business owners, independent sales reps, and self employed people who work from home, that don’t build an email list of their past, current, and potential clients. This is the most important, easiest, and cheapest, way to continually build your monthly pipeline of prospects or clients… Read More »

Why You Need An Effective 30 Second Elevator Pitch

Marketing has been around since the very first person in the history of the world sold something. Luckily, today we can build an enormous business of any kind with online marketing strategies that include having an online presence, building an email list, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But, you still need to… Read More »