Start Here

I’m often asked, “Where/How do I start?”

Let’s get to it. You’ll need:

1.) A strong desire to have ultimate freedom to do what you really love to do in life (be a painter, run your own company, travel, raise your kids, be a singer, start a band, volunteer, etc…)

2.) A laptop or pc.

3.) An internet connection.


If you don’t have that first item, you’ll waste your time on this site and you will never be able to “fire your boss!” Having a strong desire to make money online is what you’ll need first and foremost!

You’ll need to build a website so follow these simple steps below to get started.


You have to buy a domain name.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s about this. Click this link to read our article on how to choose a good domain name.


You’ll need cheap web hosting.

Web hosting is like the piece of land that you build your house on. If your domain name is the “house” then your web hosting is the piece of “land.”

Click this link to get good cheap web hosting (w/cpanel).


You need to sign up for some FREE affiliate programs.

Learn about affiliate programs and sign up for them for FREE. Click here for tips on how to make money with affiliate programs.


You need to SEO your website.

Learn about search engine optimization and why your website needs it. Click here for seo website tips


How to Make Money on the Internet

You need to read this article on how to make money online


Then, make sure you read the rest of the articles on this site to learn more!